Propmind Realty Pvt. Ltd. is a real estate consultant. Real estate is not only about floors and walls– it’s about relationships and bonds. The bond that a new home investor has with the pride of having his own abode. The relationship that a family anticipates with anxiety – the ecstasy of living with newly formed neighbors’, outstanding infrastructure, club facilities, swimming pool and schools within the neighborhood, a community where they would observe their offspring growing. The relationship that an investor has with the family whose future financial security will be more efficiently woven by this enduring option chosen. The relationships that offspring established overseas have with their old parents, having a longing to provide them a secure community living and a lifestyle that they would appreciate in the sunset years of their lives. In all these situations, the transaction is accompanied with a bit of concern, a stack of unknown details to attend, and a high level of optimism.
We at Propmind realize that real estate is a life time investment for anybody and extensive research, fact finding and credibility check should go in to pick out developer and property to spend amongst the superfluity of options available in the market. We vision your dreams, share your anxieties and assist you turn your dreams into a reality through a process driven process and widespread market information. We help you examine your requirement based on financial parameters and availability within the parameters defined.
Our Services at a glance
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  • Documentation
  • Home-loan
  • After-sales service