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Q: What is meant by residential apartment?
A: A residential apartment is an autonomous housing unit that consists of bed rooms, drawing rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchen, bath rooms, etc. It occupies only a part of a building. Apartments may be owned by an owner or by rented tenants. In commonwealth countries, the term 'flat' is used to describe apartments.
Q What are the various categories of apartments?
A: Apartments can be broadly categorized on the basis of size as follows:-

Q What is the difference between Carpet area, Built-up and Super built-up area?
Carpet area is the area of an apartment or building, not including the area of the wall. This is the area which is actually used and occupied in which a carpet can be laid. Built-up area is the area of the walls including the balcony and calculated along with the carpet area. Super Built up Area is the built-up area along with the area under common spaces like lobby, lifts, stairs, garden and swimming pool.